10 Things I’ve Learned About Kishacoquillas Valley


This summer I got to travel to Kishacoquillas V alley and fell in love with the place! So much so that I decided to set a series there. That meant research. Here are 10 unique facts I learned about the Valley.

1)      It sits between 2 mountains–Jacks Mountain and Stone Mountain

2)      The buggies in the Valley are yellow, black, and brown and white.

3)      Men wear mostly blue shirts

4)      Men wear one diagonal suspender

5)      The women dress like the Lancaster Amish with the one piece apron that ties in the back

6)      The difference in buggy colors also signifies the three different Amish groups in the Valley– Nebraska Amish (white and brown buggies), Renno Amish, also called Peachey Amish (black buggies), and Byler Amish (yellow buggies)


7)      Other names for Kishacoquillas Valley are Kish Valley and Big Valley

8)      The most common Amish last name in the Valley is Peachey

9)      They serve white church pickles (made with white cucumbers of course!)


10) The Amish and Mennonites in the Valley share a cemetery. It has gravestones ranging from very plain to very elaborate.

I have pictures of all this and more here on Amy’s Amish Adventures. Simply click All Things Amish<Amish Photos<The Amish of PA Kish Valley< Kish Valley part 1 to see the slideshow.

My Kappy King Amish Mystery Series starts January 2018. (Yes, I know that’s a long ways off!). Aside from being set in Big Valley, this series has another unusual aspect: My protagonist is Amish! I’m very excited about this series and just as excited to share with you the pictures and interesting facts I learned while in Big Valley.

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