Shoo, Fly, Shoo

Funny things are happening out at the Yoder dairy farm. Small time vandalism, missing milk, even a stolen cow or two. Since he is Naomi’s neighbor, she and Cheryl are naturally concerned, but when Yoder is arrested for selling raw milk, the pair know that they need to step in and help.

Their prime suspect is the dairy farmer who lives across the road from Yoder. They have always been in competition with each other. Everyone says that Yoder’s milk tastes better, and the neighbor is jealous of Yoder’s superior product.

But as they search for the truth to get Yoder out of jail, other suspects begin to surface. The vegan environmentalist who has come to town protesting so many cows in one place, the new owner of the farm-to-table restaurant who is circling a petition to support the sale of raw milk, and the English girl whose brother was severely injured ten years ago in an accident involving Yoder.

She is quickly dismissed as a suspect since witnesses describe the culprit as an Amish man about the size and build of Yoder. Soon after the environmentalist and restaurant owner are cleared, Cheryl and Naomi turn their efforts toward uncovering the neighbor’s guilt. Deciding to stake out the Yoder farm, they discover someone setting fire to the barn. In chasing down the suspect they discover that the imposter is the English sister. She hated the fact her brother didn’t have a life after the accident. She wanted to take Yoder’s life from him, not in the literal sense, but in the figurative. If she got him in enough trouble, he would have to go to prison and he would essentially be as trapped in the jail cell as her brother had been in his own body.

She is taken to jail and all goes back to normal around Sugarcreek. For a while.

Shoo, Fly, Shoo is number 12 in the series