about the Amish Quilt Giveaway

Why do you collect fabric?

The concept was hatched to do something a little different from other giveaways. The idea of collecting fabric was to involve the entrant and make the quilt more special than any other Amish quilt. The quilt is definitely one of a kind as each one is dependent on the fabric donated each year. There’s a little piece of each reader in the quilt!

Do I need to go buy a big piece of fabric?

No, not if you have fabric already in your home. If you don’t, then you would need to find or purchase the piece of fabric to send in. We’ve been making these quilts with 12 ½ x 12 ½ inch squares of fabric. I don’t know about you, but I have squares of this size all over in my house! It’s not necessary to buy a special piece of fabric for the quilt. Remnants work just as well as leftover pieces from that vest you made last spring. But if you want to donate a special piece because it’s purple and that’s your granddaughter’s favorite color, then by all means. This quilt is for the entrants.

Will the winner be announced at the same time each year?

Unfortunately, no. This is a special quilt and is made after the fabric is collected. Because we are dealing with the spring and summer months, we are at the ‘mercy’ of our Amish friend’s time. We want to be respectful of her family and the chores she performs for them. Depending on her workload, the climate and other farming factors, as well as the complexity of the quilt pattern, the ‘make time’ for the quilt will vary year to year. We hope that you’ll be patient. So far it’s been well worth the wait!

Why do you need my email address?

We ask for your email address to be included with your fabric so that in the event that you are the winner, we will be able to contact you easily after the drawing. So often we’ve not been able to get in touch with the winner for a time and it seems as if everyone on Facebook knows except the person who won! It’s not the worst thing, but it sure makes it easier on us.

BTW-your email address will only be used to contact you about your entry (if there is a problem) or if you have won. Otherwise you’ll receive nothing from Amy unless you have signed up in other spots to receive newsletters and such.

Who makes the quilt?

One of our Amish friends makes the quilt. Over the years we have had different people piece the quilt as well as quilt it. It all depends on who has the most time that year. And of course a love of quilting and sewing. No, not all Amish women love to quilt and sew. LOL

Why aren’t my scraps returned after the quilt is complete?

Aside from the fact that it would be next to impossible to keep all the fabric separated and cataloged by each entrant, returning the scraps would be cost prohibitive to the giveaway. Depending on the pattern, sometimes the entire piece is used. But in the event that we have fabric scraps, we found it much more fun to turn them—given that there are enough left over, and our quilter has enough free time—into potholders and give them away on the Amy’s Amish Quilt Giveaway Facebook page. Just another reason to make sure you’ve joined!

Side note here: only members who have donated fabric are eligible for these special, after-the-fact giveaways.

Will you be having the quilt giveaway next year?

Yes! At least that’s the plan. I love the quilt giveaway and love doing this for my readers! Thanks for all the support!!