Amish Benefit Auctions

“If anyone sees his brother in need and fails to give…what evidence is there of God’s love?”
– 1 John 3:17

My husband came home today and told me that we were going to make another big pot of venison chili for him to take to work. He took one for a Valentine’s Day party and it was a big hit! But this chili they are going to sell as a fundraiser for a co-worker whose wife has cancer. I’m telling Stace about it, and she reminded me how this is so much like the Amish. (BTW–the chili recipe is at the end of this post.)

It’s widely known that the Amish take care of themselves. In fact, their sense of community is one of the many things I admire about them. One of the most popular ways that they support each other and their community is through various types of benefits and auctions.

Now they have regular auctions, though mostly for produce. But it seems that most go to benefit a family in need. Perhaps the biggest auction is the Haiti Auction.

According to,  the purpose of this auction is to “bring relief to the hungry, sick, naked, and homeless of Haiti. The ultimate goal is to bring them to Christ through providing for their physical and spiritual needs. Relief is given throughout the country of Haiti without regard to race, religion, or creed.”

The auction is held throughout the United States in such places as Pennsylvania, Florida, New York, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. My friends attend this auction in Pennsylvania every summer. This year, I’m hoping to attend as well! The benefit is held in January for the Pinecraft community, but in July for Lancaster. Five or six tents are set up with auctions occurring in each tent throughout the day. Furniture, quilts, tools, crafts, gardening and farm supplies, firewood and more are put up for auction. Food is served in a special tent all day. At exactly 12 noon, an announcement is made over the loud speaker. Everyone stops, prays, then sings a song together. Can you imagine how amazing it sounds to hear hundreds of people singing together?

The highlight of the day is the silent auction. Many unique items are put up for auction, such as a day of labor supplied by a group of Amish youth, a wing supper donated by an Amish couple, and a ton of hay or straw.

Sometimes an auction is organized to help pay for the medical expenses of someone who has been injured or fallen ill. My Amish friend also attended a benefit auction recently that was held to help raise money for a man who had fallen out of a tree and was left paralyzed from the accident. Members of the community donated quilts, wall hangings, tools, pies, and more to be auctioned off. Everyone also brought a covered dish to share. After making a donation, attendees passed through the food line and enjoyed the various pot luck dishes that were donated.

The community also held a benefit for an Amish woman whose husband left her and her children for the English world. This was a different type of event called a “Stop and Shop”.  Several vendors (Pampered Chef, Tupperware, 31, Tastefully Simple, etc.) set up shop in someone’s basement. Friends, family, and neighbors stopped by to shop. They bought raffle tickets and purchased lunch and baked goods. Donations were also accepted. All proceeds went to the person in need.

The Clarita School Auction is held every September in the Amish community of Clarita, OK. Items are donated to help support the local Amish school. In fact, the Clarita School Auction is the recipient of the quilts made by the women of my Amish Quilting Circle Series. If you happen to be in OK around this time, you should check it out! Here’s the link for more information.

I can’t help but wonder how much better our world would be if we took direction from the Amish and reached out to help our neighbors more.

Have you been to an Amish auction? What about a benefit for someone–Amish or English? Comment below and your name will be added to this week’s drawing. The prize up for grabs? A large print edition of Titus Returns. (It’s hard back!)

Be sure to check out the rest of the pictures from previous Amish auctions…

Haiti Benefit Auction 2014 & 2015

And as always, thanks for reading!




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31 thoughts on “Amish Benefit Auctions

  1. What a marvelous post, Amy! Our culture used to be so much more neighborhood oriented, and it saddens me that we’ve become isolated to the point that we no longer know our neighbor’s name. I fully believe that isolation and lack of brotherhood has acted as fuel during this past election. We need to learn to come together as a community again. To reach out to the hurting and the poor. To share our joy, and by doing so, lessen our hardship.


    1. Angel, you are so right!!! I feel some of the blame can fall on the Internet, but not all. We make connection with people who are far away and sometimes forget the ones who live next door. Maybe that should be part of the next challenge. Meet someone new, face to face!


  2. I’ve been to an Amish festival, but not a benefit. Also have gone to English fundraisers for those in need. Thanks for the chance to win your book.


    1. That’s the hardest and saddest part of charities. You want to give but wonder how much of the money actually gets to the people in need! Thanks for reading!!


  3. I have not been to an Amish auction. I recently gave in memory to two children who passed away from cancer.


  4. Have heard about these auctions, but never been to any. They are doing the mud auctions around our area now. They start in February and end in May. They proceeds goes to the fire companies usually, but sometimes the money will go elsewhere if needed. Would love to go to either one or the other sometime.


  5. We’ve been to the Shipshewana Auction & Flea Market in Shipshewana, IN and LOVED the veggie and flower auction that was going on while there. It was in the fall so the pumpkins and mums were in abundance. I would love to go to one of the mud auctions. We love traveling and going to different Amish communities along the way as well. Thanks for the chance to win a hardcover large print copy of Titus Returns. I would treasure it. I would add it to my library and share will all my friends as well.


    1. Thanks, Kay! That’s my personal goal…Visit all the Amish communities I can. The only “problem” is I keep making friends along the way and have to back track to places I’ve already been. Hard to be me. LOL One of these days, I make it all the way around! Thanks for reading!!


  6. I have never been to an Amish auction, but would enjoy seeing one. Thank you for the chance. Enjoyed reading this.


  7. Our problem it seems is people rely too much on the government these days. It used to be the church’s job to take care of those in need. Ours still does as well as many others I’m sure.
    I was interested to learn recently that the Amish pay their taxes to the IRS just like we all do but never accept any assistance from the government.


  8. I have never been to an Amish auction, but do give to charities and benefits in our community. I love reading your books, and would love to win a copy of Titus Returns. Thanks for the opportunity!


  9. I have only been to a christian school auction. We donate to local ministries and of course the church. The most heart warming things I have ever donated to were to help a church family who’s daughter had a bone marrow transplant and they were really struggling and then another young man at church who had to legally adopt his young sister when their mom suddenly died.
    I love that the Amish share their talents and what they have been blessed with to help others. They truly put their faith into action
    Thanks for the chance to win this book Amy. Have a blessed day.


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