Big Valley in the Fall


Keeping in line with my current Big Valley theme, today I’ve posted a few pictures of the Valley in the Fall. Here’s how to find them:

On the MENU, click ALL THINGS AMISH > AMISH PHOTOS> THE AMISH OF KISH VALLEY (that’s the green one)>KISH VALLEY AUTUMN 2016. (Note: this is not a link, only instructions).

If you’ve been following this 6 week giveaway, then tell me what you think. Is Kish Valley prettier in Summer or Fall? If you’re joining us for the first time, simply tell us which photo is your favorite.

Everyone who comments will be entered into a drawing for one of three sets of The Amish Christmas Sleigh which includes my novella, A Mamm for Christmas.

Sets? you ask. Yes! If your name is drawn you’ll receive 2 autographed copies of the book–one for you and one to give to a friend. So don’t forget to leave your comment and as always, thanks for stopping by! ❤




41 thoughts on “Big Valley in the Fall

  1. Amy, I do not have time to follow the link instructions to your photographs but, I am appreciative of the chance at a giveaway! Your title and the fact that it is about Amish community makes it an automatic interesting book to read! Happy Christmas to you and yours!


  2. I love Fall but it doesn’t arrive at the same time in Florida as it does in the North. We see some leaves changing colors in February, when Kish Valley is deep in winter.


  3. I love Summer; although Fall has beautiful colors, it is followed by the white stuff (not my favorite). All the pictures are so pretty!


  4. Although I would usually say Autumn, I love the Big Valley in the summer with all of the heavenly blooms and fresh produce!!


  5. Love all the seasons….(not crazy about summer) but I realize that summer is God-Given, too, so….we smile get through. Even in PA this past year summer was hot.


  6. I so love to win this. I love all your pictures. I love to see nature. Most of all I love your books. Keep up the great writing.


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