New Amish Pictures

After taking some time off to finish a couple of projects, I decided that it was time to get back go blogging. (Hey,  those books don’t write themselves you know! LOL)  But with the first mystery in my new series turned in and accepted by my editor (yay!), I felt it was time to put up a few more pictures. Especially since they pertain to that book. Just click below to check out all (well, almost all <wink>) my pictures of Kish Valley. This is where my Kappy King mystery series is set. But more on that later. We still don’t have the title completely nailed down and without a title there is no cover. But we do have a release date–January 2018!


Of course we were in Lancaster County visiting for a while. And when we’re there we always find some reason to snap a few pictures.


And if you’ve been keeping up on Facebook, you know that Stacey and I have been traveling. Here are the pictures from our latest trip to Chouteau.


Later this month, we’re on our way to Texas, then hopefully on to another research trip to Pontotoc, MS. That Swartzentruber Amish community is the setting for my next new romance series. If you haven’t seen any of the pictures from our first trip, click below.


This gets the website all caught up…for now. Hope you enjoy the pictures from our summer trips. It’s been an eventful year for sure!

Thanks for reading!


BTW-which community is your favorite? Comment below to be put in an end-of-month drawing for an autographed book! Keep it for yourself, or gift it for the upcoming holidays!


15 thoughts on “New Amish Pictures

  1. Thanks for sharing your photos. I enjoyed looking at all of them. I think I liked the photos from Pontotoc, MS the best.
    Thanks for having this contest. I really enjoy your books!!


  2. Lancaster County is my favorite! I need to visit Chouteau sometime since it’s close when I visit my mom. Enjoy all the pictures!


  3. I loved the Chouteau, Oklahoma pictures. My granddad lived in Oklahoma and it reminded me of him. They were lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing .


  4. Thank you for sharing your photos, they are all the pictures great….the Kishacoquillas valley are my favorite as are the Lancaster ones, well all of them….


  5. Love seeing the pictures of the different areas that you visit Amish Country. Of course, since I’m from Lancaster County, I really loved seeing those. Where I live in Lancaster County, there are lots of Amish families and we enjoy seeing them out and about and meeting some of our neighbors.


  6. Would it be fair to say that I like all of them? They are all so good, it is hard to choose just one. I enjoy your pictures very much, keep them coming. They are a “blast from the past” in this crazy, hectic, world we live in.


  7. I enjoyed seeing all the pictures. But I would have to go with the ones from Kishacoquillas Valley simply due to the layout of the land. The ones from Chouteau, OK gave me smiles with the ones of the building and it’s exterior. Glad you and Stacey had a great time visiting all of these places. Thank you for sharing.


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