New Series

I’m so very excited to announce that I will be starting a new series this fall. And even more excited that the series is set in my home state of Mississippi! Yes, it’s an Amish Series. What? You didn’t know there are Amish in Mississippi? I didn’t either until recently. But when I heard I headed for home and paid a visit to this sleepy Mississippi settlement.

pontotoc-mississippiThe community in Randolph (just outside of Pontotoc) is a Swartzentruber settlement, a spin off from the community in Ethridge, Tennessee. They are very conservative and very concerned with being self-sufficient. Most work at the mill or at their own business on their home property. Many have stores where visitors can shop for such things as goats milk soap, honey, jelly, baskets, and pickles, of course.

It’s going to be a challenge to write about such conservative people, but I’m excited for the opportunity. But since this is all I can share with you about the stories for now, I thought I might share a few pictures with you. Click below to go to the Pontotoc page here on my website for a glimpse at this unique community.

Did you know there is an Amish community in Mississippi?  Be sure to leave me a comment. I’m giving away a book at the end of the month to one lucky contributor!

Happy Reading!





10 thoughts on “New Series

  1. I knew their was Amish in Mississippi, only because you told me when you were in Lewistown, Pa. Still waiting for your sidekick to send me a copy of the picture she took of us when you were here.


  2. I didn’t realize there was an Amish community in Mississippi but glad you got to visit your mom while you did research! It will be another good series I’m sure! Blessings, Linda


  3. Beautiful photos, Amy. I was not aware that there were Amish in Mississippi. You learn something new every day 😄 Looking forward to your new series.


  4. It seems the Amish are really spreading out through the whole USA. I think there is an Amish family 3 miles up the road from my house because there is a buggy sign. The closest Amish communities is over 50 miles from my home. If there is an Amish family up the road, they have no other Amish around. Yet. Looking forward to reading your new series.


  5. I had no idea there was an Amish settlement in Mississippi. Congratulations on your newest book and can’t wait to read it.


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