#AmyinPA Day 7

So many plans and so little time. Today started out overcast and cool, a perfect fall day. The Bird-in-Hand Marathon was underway and the runners were visible from Sadie’s back porch. Across the fields they looked amish day 7-2like brightly colored ants marching along.

But the marathon was not our mission for the day. First on our list was Kitchen Kettle Village, a great tourist attraction there in Lancaster. Since it was Saturday there were a lot of people milling around, so we didn’t stay long. We headed across the street to Stoltzfus Meats to see our new friend Brooke (we met her at The Green Dragon) and to pick up a few things—namely a chicken pie and Bacon Horseradish cream cheese dip.

Then we loaded up again and drove out to the Fairmont Homes 26th Annual Benefit Auction and Chicken Barbeque. It started to drizzle rain and by the time we got to the auction it was pouring! There were three large tents set up- one for the food, one with long tables where people could eat, and the other that actually held the auction.

There were so many people there. Most were English and Mennonite, but it was great fun listening to the auctioneer and people-watching. Sadie was the highest bidder on a hunting-themed basket and plans to give it to her husband. After eating lunch and checking out the donated thrift items, we took the shuttle back to our car.

One of Sadie’s nieces works at an ice cream shop located on a dairy farm. Lapp Valley Farm has incredible ice cream and is a wonderful and peaceful place to visit. Well, all except for the snoring dog, but he gave us a laugh.

amish day 7-1The Intercourse Fire Department Pig Roast was our next stop. By now it was three o’clock and most people had come and gone. But we stopped to talk to another of Sadie’s nieces and meet her new boyfriend. Sadie wanted to get her husband some of the roasted pork to have for supper when he returned home. We had to stay a little longer than we anticipated. It was raining so hard we didn’t want to leave. After about half an hour it eased up a little and we decided to make a break for it while it was only just raining, and not pouring.

Back home we decided a nap was in order but didn’t get in a complete hour when Sadie’s husband came home from his trip. I can’t believe my time in Pennsylvania is over! I’m so sad to leave, but so grateful for the time that I got to spend there, the new friends that I made, and the experiences I had.

I can’t say I missed electricity much. I even got used to brushing my teeth in mostly darkness. I missed my family and my cats. And as much as I’m a southern girl, I could totally see myself farming in Pennsylvania. Maybe when the Captain retires…

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