#AmyinPA Day 6

Six-fifteen comes mighty early for this night owl, but that’s what time we got up to head out to The Green Dragon Market. Thankfully we had packed the car the night before with the table, chairs, books, swag and anything and everything else we thought we might need. Though the market doesn’t officially open until nine, we had to be there, pay, and start setting up by seven-thirty.

amish day 6-3This time I remembered an umbrella and sunscreen, though the sun was still pretty tough on me. If you’ve seen any of the pictures we took today, then you’ve seen the fabulous hat that Sadie bought me to protect me from the sun. Love that hat!

We had so many readers stop by to check out the books. I was a new author for some and had a blast telling them about my series and the Amish that live in Oklahoma. I also had several men buy a set for a special girl in his life. One man even bought them for his sister. So sweet.

Aside from my faithful readers, my favorite visitor was a sweet Amish woman named Veronica. She bought a set of Wells Landing books for her granddaughter and got an Oregon Trail Romance Collection for her husband.

We left the market about two-thirty with the intentions of heading over to Sadie’s brother’s to do chores. Today I learned a lot more about milking, cows, and dairy farms in general. Enough that I might have to do a separate blog post on milking.

After milking, we came back to Sadie’s and she told us we had to take a shower. Evidently we smelled, though I can’t imagine why. (Anyone who has ever been in a dairy barn is now rolling around laughing.) But we wanted to get cleaned up so we could go eat pizza with a few of the nieces.

amish day 6-1First the girls gave us a ‘bob.’ That’s what Amish girls call their buns. That was interesting to see how they actually style their hair. But we didn’t leave them in as we headed out to check out the beginnings of the Bird In Hand half-marathon that’s happening this weekend. Apparently if you finish two of the Lancaster County runs you get a Road Apple Award. This is something you’re going to have to see to believe, so look it up. You’ll either be happy or sorry that you did. LOL

We ate dinner at Sal’s Pizza. According to Stacey, when you are traveling/vacationing you should never eat at a place you also have at home. It was fun to eat at a completely different place. And tasty too.

So now we’re back at home and the busy day is catching up with me. Word is that Sadie’s husband might be coming home early. So tomorrow might be my last post from Lancaster.

Best place I’ve ever been that doesn’t have a beach!


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