#AmyinPA Day 3

Aside from my incredible sunburn which I somehow managed to get even though I was sitting under an awning, today was a great day in Lancaster, PA.
We headed out to Roots Market to sign some books and meet some readers. For those who have never been here, it’s pronounced ‘ruhts’ rhymes with soot. 
On the way we took a little detour and picked up one of Sadie’s nieces who wanted to go to another aunt’s house to help with canning tomatoes. The sweetest part was that the aunt didn’t know her niece was coming. Her help was a welcomed surprise.
amish day 3-1The market was bustling with activity. Our booth was next to the office and almost into the produce. The English man next to us was selling Concord grapes, and they smelled soooo good. Good enough to eat! On the other side of us a pair of Mennonites sold the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen. They were so vibrant and perfect they almost looked fake.
Several readers stopped by the booth to check out books and chat. And though it was hot-hot-hot today, we all had a wonderful time.
After we took down our booth, we walked around a bit and even went inside and met the book vendor. His daughter wants to be a writer and wanted to take a picture with me. Adorable young lady.
After we left the market we headed back to Sadie’s sister’s to pick up her niece, then the four of us, plus Sadie’s little ones, headed to the mall. Yup, the mall. The girls wanted to shop and after such a hot day I thought a cooler outfit was in order.
amish day 3-2

Then I crossed another first off my bucket list. I got to take a ride in a pony cart! It’s a small wooden cart pulled by a pony (imagine that!). It doesn’t hold a lot of goods or people and was a bit jerky so not good for longer distances. I’ve come to think of it as the Amish alternative to the golf cart. LOL It was a little strange at first. The seat isn’t very big and I’m not as slim as I used to be. But somehow the little pony got me there and back.
Dinner was at Fox’s Pizza across the street from Kitchen Kettle Village. A few Amish teens were hanging out and eating Rita’s Custard. We wondered if they were on dates on a Tuesday night.
Now I’m back at Sadie’s gearing up for tomorrow. We’re either going to visit an Amish school house or do some tourist shopping. Or maybe both! I’ll let you know tomorrow…

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