#AmyinPA Day 2

One thing is certain about Amish country—it’s easy to stay busy. Day 2 of my trip to Lancaster was Sisters’ Day, which means the sisters (and a few nieces) got together to can. Fourteen people showed up. Along with me, Sadie, and Stacey, there were two of Sadie’s sisters, four of her grown nieces, and her dad, who everyone calls Dawdi. Rounding out the group were Sadie’s two daughters and two young nieces.
Today’s project was Spaghetti Soup. If I’m understanding correctly this is a family dish and a favorite among my friends. It’s an interesting recipe containing tomatoes, ham, white beans, ground beef, and spaghetti pasta, with a few potatoes and veggies tossed in for good measure. It sounds like an odd combination, but it was tasty!
amish day 2Around 9 am the sisters started to gather at Sadie’s house. Everyone brought their jars and their portion of the soup. The plan was to make 6 times the recipe so that everyone would have plenty for their families.
Sadie set up long tables and everyone started to work. There were onions to peel, carrots to dice, and ham to cut up. Then the veggies had to be cooked and everything mixed together. Of course, we all had to give it a taste to make sure that the recipe was just right.
But let me back up for a minute. Six times the recipe called for gallons of tomatoes and huge cans of beans. So what did we mix all this in? A thirty-five gallon plastic storage tub. It was stirred with a “spoon” big enough to be a boat oar—and I’m still not convinced that wasn’t what it was. Then an assembly line was formed to fill the jars, wipe the mouths, and screw on the lids.
All said and done we made about 80 quarts of soup! What a morning! We finished up about 2 pm even with the long break we took to eat lunch. (BTW—lunch consisted of homemade pretzel wraps, taco pizza, and chips and salsa.)
After all that work what did we do? Sat under the tree in Sadie’s back yard and peeled apples from her sister’s apple tree. One sister wanted to can apple pie filling later in the week and most of the peeled apples went home with her.
Since we cooked all day, Sadie suggested we go out and eat—Chinese buffet. Her sister and brother-in-law joined us. It was great to sit, eat, relax and chat with friends after such a long day.
Tomorrow we’re heading out to Roots Market. If you’re in the area, I hope you can stop by and visit!

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